How did I get here

Seven years ago, I packed up my red Ford Focus and left my home in Fargo, ND to move to Saint Paul, MN with the promise of a full-time volunteer job, a furnished house to live in, and four roommates of the same lot with which to share the year. I guess you could say I never looked back. I’d planned to use the volunteer gig as a way to set myself up with a job and a place to live in a new, exotic city like Baltimore or Tacoma. Instead, I made what I deduced was a grownup decision to stay geographically close and foster the relationship. You may not know how that one ended, but let’s just say that shouting “I feel shitty when I’m with you!” in the rain outside of Bryant Lake Bowl is not exactly a marker of relationship success.

An admired aunt of mine once said “if you blogged about your volunteer experience, I would read it.” Well, Nancy, seven years later here’s a go at making your dreams come true. Plus more, if we’re lucky.

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