Pumpkins and a Gal’s Best Friend

Is anything much cuter than a child next to a pumpkin? I’m reminded of a photo of my godson plopped next to a small pumpkin for his one-year-old photo shoot, his tiny fingers pinching the top of the pumpkin’s stem. Move over, wee ones, I think dogs are taking the lead. 

The last couple of days I have come home after work a bit later than usual, heading to appointments or running errands before coming home. Both days, I have pulled up to the house to find my dog sitting, anxiously waiting for me, on the deck next to the pumpkin. How does he know I’m late? I always assume a dog’s mind is like the goldfish described in Ani DiFranco’s song “little plastic castle”: 

They say goldfish have no memory
They say their lives are much like mine
And the little plastic castle is a surprise every time

This is the same dog who greets us with the fervor of one who imagined they’d been abandoned forever after we return from a 30-minute trip to the market. All I know is, I’m converted. Long gone are the days I found dogs to be overbearing. Bring on the greeter perpetually overjoyed to have you home, with a pumpkin, too.   


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